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Advanced Cryogenic Enterprises (ACE) is committed to offering precision fine ground materials through our ambient and cryogenic processes, while utilizing a variety of types and sizes of equipment.

We can process lab trials to multiple truckloads.
Some of our equipment includes shredders, granulators, hammer mills, attrition mills, attritor mills, classifiers, blenders and dryers.

ACE is continually researching for new and better ways to improve our processes. Material testing, inspection and production is performed to ensure that the processes are in compliance with lSO.
We are currently working toward our accreditation.

Lab Trial Process

We work with our customers to best determine their needs, by gathering all necessary MSDS/SDS sheets, particle size and packaging requirements, etc. Working together insures that proper customer specification and process is developed.

ACE has the ability to process as little as a few pounds of for "theoretical" purposes. We can granulate or pre-size lab trials down to proper feedstock for our lab pulverizers.

Or we can use nitrogen to granulate down to 1/8" or finer for some materials. Our lab pulverizer can run just a few pounds or up to several hundred pounds. We can run a closed loop system on our lab unit directly to our separator for precise particle sizing. We can run single batch sizes without secondary screening. We will then run a particle size analysis and moisture test if required.

Tell us your needs:

  • Raw material type, size, and volumes
  • Supply us a sample of raw stock and finished product if available
  • Supply us all necessary paperwork and MSDS/SDS, etc
We will:
  • Evaluate all information and samples
  • Generate a plan to accomplish your needs
  • Conduct trial grind to your specs
  • Conduct any particle size testing or moisture testing required
Production Capabilities

Advanced Cryogenic Enterprises is experienced in many different compounds. We can granulate from 1inch down to 120 mesh or smaller for some materials. Our production units can be ran ambiently or cryogenically depending on the material.

ACE can handle sheets, trimmings,bales, pellets or granulate as incoming raw material.

ACE is able to handle many different types of material. We currently process cured and uncured rubber, specialty plastics and chemicals. We can process your material (tolling) or supply you with our sourced raw materials (non-tollinS/Seneric).

  • Ambient and cryogenic grinding capabilities
  • Small volumes to multiple truck capabilities
  • 1inch to 120 mesh or smaller
  • Cured and uncured materials
  • Tolling or sourced materials


ACE has both ambient and cryogenic pulverizing capabilities. Both types of production lines are set up as a closed loop system from pulverizing to screening to packaging. This prevents contamination and causes oversized material to stay in the system until pulverized to the correct size. Our operators are trained to run an hourly hand sieve and visual inspection to make sure finished product is within spec.

We work with our customers to determine the extent of lab particle analysis and moisture tests that they require on each product run. We can immediately package finished product directly out of the process. This cuts down on any potential contamination or moisture concerns.

Many packaging options are available; these include low melt, polybags, valve bags, gaylords with liners, several sizes of supersacks, boxes or drums to name a few.

Certificate of Analysis are available on every order.

  • Closed loop systems
  • No contamination
  • Proper particle size
  • Immediate packaging in multiple options
Cryogenic Grinding

Cryogenic grinding is used to create very fine finished product or where heat generation could cause chemical or physical changes to the raw material.

ACE utilizes liquid nitrogen to embrittle the rawmaterial which is then pulverized into the desired mesh size. Some benefits of cryogenic grinding is that it is extremely dry, imparts no impurities on materials and eliminates any possibility of surface oxidation.

Ground material can reduce compound costs, reduce blistering, and reduce mixing time, increase extrusion rates, and provide "value" from recovering companies own scrap instead of incurring landfill costs. Leads towards 100% material usage and "green compliant".

  • Very fine powders
  • No heat generation
  • No chemical changes
  • No impurities or surface oxidation

  • Can reduce compounding costs,
           blistering and mixing time
  • Increases extrusion rates
  • Provides value from scrap
  • Decreases landfill costs
  • Applications

    There are many current and developing applications for fine ground powders. We can help you determine the best process for your materials.

    Some uses include color chips and flecks, roto and injection molding, extrusions, concentrates or additives, compound fillers, textures for coatings and paints, etc.

    • Color chips and flecks
    • Roto and injection molding
    • Extrusions
    • Concentrates and additives
    • Compound fillers
    • Textures for coatings and paints
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