Lab Trial Process

We work with our customers to best determine their needs, by gathering all necessary MSDS/SDS sheets, particle size and packaging requirements, etc. Working together insures that proper customer specification and process is developed.

ACE has the ability to process as little as a few pounds of for "theoretical" purposes. We can granulate or pre-size lab trials down to proper feedstock for our lab pulverizers.

Or we can use nitrogen to granulate down to 1/8" or finer for some materials. Our lab pulverizer can run just a few pounds or up to several hundred pounds. We can run a closed loop system on our lab unit directly to our separator for precise particle sizing. We can run single batch sizes without secondary screening. We will then run a particle size analysis and moisture test if required.

Tell us your needs:

  • Raw material type, size, and volumes
  • Supply us a sample of raw stock and finished product if available
  • Supply us all necessary paperwork and MSDS/SDS, etc
We will:
  • Evaluate all information and samples
  • Generate a plan to accomplish your needs
  • Conduct trial grind to your specs
  • Conduct any particle size testing or moisture testing required