ACE has both ambient and cryogenic pulverizing capabilities. Both types of production lines are set up as a closed loop system from pulverizing to screening to packaging. This prevents contamination and causes oversized material to stay in the system until pulverized to the correct size. Our operators are trained to run an hourly hand sieve and visual inspection to make sure finished product is within spec.

We work with our customers to determine the extent of lab particle analysis and moisture tests that they require on each product run. We can immediately package finished product directly out of the process. This cuts down on any potential contamination or moisture concerns.

Many packaging options are available; these include low melt, polybags, valve bags, gaylords with liners, several sizes of supersacks, boxes or drums to name a few.

Certificate of Analysis are available on every order.

  • Closed loop systems
  • No contamination
  • Proper particle size
  • Immediate packaging in multiple options